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Joined: October 01 2013
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Posted: October 20 2013 at 5:27pm | IP Logged Quote tdoyka

i might be getting rid of my tc venture in 25-06,
reloading dies, and 80 some pieces of rem brass. i'll be
buying a encore in 257 Roberts Ackley Improved, 1 in 10"
twist, in a 21" mgm barrel. i sent an email to mgm
barrels to make sure it has a 40 degree shoulder, so that
is taken care of. i have 2 full boxes of 115 grain nosler
ballistic tips. do these work for deer, busting a
shoulder, etc, or should something else work?
should fireforming be 87 or 100gr? would imr 4350 work?
the ack imp is new to me, any help will be greatly
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Posted: October 21 2013 at 2:37am | IP Logged Quote M700

Not a lot of performance difference between the .257 AI and the .25-06, not sure what you're gaining, but if you want to trade out, by all means, go for it! The .257 Roberts AI is a very cool cartridge.

Yes, the 115 gr Nosler Ballistic Tip punches right through a deer's shoulder blade. No problem. The Ballistic Tips are much tougher anymore than originally. My favorite mule deer rifle is a .25-06, and my favorite bullet for that rifle is the 115 Nosler Ballistic Tip.

Regards, Guy
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Ham Gunner
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Posted: October 21 2013 at 6:15pm | IP Logged Quote Ham Gunner

Here are loads from the maker himself. New powders have been produced since then and many are claiming that RL-17 is the magic powder for this round.

Perhaps not a lot of difference in performance from the 25-06 or the 270 Win., but the .257 AI brass lasts a long time and one can probably get by on a wee bit less powder. Long actions would allow for longer throats so that the bullets could be seated out for even more powder space. But, the .25 cal. bullets, except for maybe the really heavy ones, do not use all that much case space up anyway. So, I would probably just use a short action in a bolt gun. But with other actions, perhaps a long throat to fit one's favorite bullet might not be such a bad thing to think about, eventually.

P. O. Ackley loads

I have many times tinkered with the idea of rechambering my old T-38 Arisaka 6.5mm carbine that was already rechambered to 6.5x257 Roberts which makes it a wildcat round already, to make it a 6.5x257 Ackley Improved. Not so much for more needed velocity, since I use it mostly for close range brush hunting anyway, as for just a cool project to make it better than it already was.

Brass longevity of course would be one of the actual benefits. Not sure it would actually improve the velocity as much as the .25 caliber improved version did for the .257 Roberts though. With my large .269 bore, I can not shoot the normal .264 dia. 6.5mm bullets and have to use the 160gr. RN Carcano bullet from Hornady if I use jacketed bullets as they are sized closer to .268 dia. And for my cast bullet loads, the improved case would not make much of a difference anyway.

So, that was just a tinkering thought in my head that will likely never be done. But, if my bore was .264 dia., then I would likely do the rechambering just to have that improvement where I could probably gain a bit of velocity even in my 19" barrel along with increased brass life.

With my carbine, since the Arisaka action is longer than most short actions, I did do the throat reaming to allow for seating the extremely long 160gr. 6.5mm bullet out as long as the magazine would allow. I think it was 3.0 inches OAL for the 6.5x257 Roberts. Even with the short barrel, I still can push that big 160gr. bullet out at around 2,450 fps with RL-15. And the old WWII barrel still shoots very well.

Having something that is just a bit different is COOL. Even if it does not drastically change what can already be had from production guns.

COOLMy 'COOL" old Jap rifle

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73 de n0ubx Rick - NRA BENEFACTOR LIFE MEMBER/VFW LIFE MEMBER - A government big enough to GIVE you
everything you want, is strong enough to TAKE everything you have. - Thomas Jefferson

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Posted: October 21 2013 at 6:58pm | IP Logged Quote doghawg

The only Ackley Improved I own is a .338/06 but the .257 AI has always appealed to me. I thought about getting my Mod 70 fwt. .257 reamed to AI but figured a deer would never notice the difference. Neat cartridge though.


Unless you're the lead sled dog the scenery never changes.
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Posted: October 22 2013 at 6:51am | IP Logged Quote Buffalogun

First if nobody has, welcome to the forum.

The pic below shows my Encore and Contender. The Encore barrel is a T/C custom shop barrel, 26" in length and chambered in .257RobAI. If you'd like a copy of my data PM me your email addy.


"Please Mr. Custer.......I don't want to go" Larry Verne
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Posted: November 12 2013 at 5:13pm | IP Logged Quote Paul5388

I have some dies for .257 Rob AI 40 degree in Lee and I may have some RCBS. They are leftovers from one of my son's excursions into a Mauser 1895 that had been improperly chambered. I have brass too!

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