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Posted: December 04 2016 at 2:29pm | IP Logged Quote rednekpaul

I see the Remington 700 and there triggers are in the news again. I know there`s some 700 shooters on here and what is your take on it. Is this a real problem or just a few isolated incidents? I say it the latter.
I had a 70`s vintage 700 BDL in the 30-06 and put a lot of rounds through it and never had a problem. I also have a Rem 721 which is included, go off when I closed the bolt. I tried to recreate it buy closing the bolt fast, bumping it hard but it never did it again.
Whats your take on it?
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Posted: December 04 2016 at 7:01pm | IP Logged Quote Buffalogun


One of the members of a hunting club I was in had a M700 chambered in .25-06 Rem. He affectionately called it "Ma Bell".
One day he was bringing the rifle to bear on a buck and when the safety was taken off, the rifle fired on its own.
He was kindly asked to not bring it back to the club.

If I had a firearm that discharged on its own, it would go back to the manufacturer for a complete new fire control group.

And, I would always be suspicious of that gun.


"Please Mr. Custer.......I don't want to go" Larry Verne
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Posted: December 04 2016 at 7:56pm | IP Logged Quote joed

Hard decision as I own 3 700s. The first and oldest is the trigger they have
been replacing.   I've had a gunsmith go over it 5 years ago so I trust it to some
extent.   The second is not in any of the recalls and the third has a Timney.

You should always have the rifle pointed in a safe direction when setting the
safety to fire on any gun as nothing is foolproof.

A lot of people have messed with the triggers on their 700 and that is also
cause for suspicion.   When I had the gunsmith work on my oldest 700 he
warned me about adjusting it.   You can't just reduce the pull weight as there
are other adjustments that need to be made also.

The 6 gun was once as common as the cellphone is today, and just as annoying when it went off in the theater.
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Posted: December 04 2016 at 8:55pm | IP Logged Quote STCM(SW)

I have not had any problems with any of my Rem 700, but nothing is perfect in this world...

NRA Life Benefactor Member
USN MCPO Ret. 1960-1992
Si vis pacem, Para Bellum!
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Ham Gunner
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Joined: August 12 2007
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Posted: December 04 2016 at 10:27pm | IP Logged Quote Ham Gunner

I bought my father a used older model 700 ADL chambered in .243 Win. and it had a very light trigger. Most likely had been adjusted down a bit by the previous owner. When my father was attempting to shoot a groundhog that was in his garden, from inside his house by sticking the barrel out through the sliding glass patio door, it went off as soon as he chambered it. He shot his couch and no other damage done. He claimed that he did not have his finger on the trigger.

It was a light trigger, but I still could not make it fire no matter what I done, even by banging the stock on the floor. I increased the trigger spring pressure anyway as well as some creep and all has been well since.

My FIL bought a 700 in the early 90's and it had a very heavy trigger. I guess it was one of their later triggers after the change. We attempted to adjust it, but they apparently put some sort of permanent loc tight on the screws and the heads just twisted off.

We replaced it with a Timney and tossed the 700 trigger in a box.

I read a few articles several years back about the controversy with the 700 Rem. triggers. Apparently the engineer that designed it had told the company executives that it was needing to be redesigned a bit in order to make it safer. He said that the alteration would only have cost them a few extra cents at that time, but would have held up production. The company wanted it left as it was and into production it went.

Edited by Ham Gunner on December 04 2016 at 10:47pm

73 de n0ubx Rick - NRA BENEFACTOR LIFE MEMBER/VFW LIFE MEMBER - A government big enough to GIVE you
everything you want, is strong enough to TAKE everything you have. - Thomas Jefferson

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Joined: February 18 2003
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Posted: December 05 2016 at 8:26am | IP Logged Quote joed

My latest 700 came with an xmark trigger.   I'm not a fan, it broke at 5 lbs and
try as I could it would not go less then 4.5 lbs.    Ordered a Timney and ended
the madness.

The xmark was encased in epoxy which I didn't like.   I can't blame Remington
for that, they took a beating for their triggers.   If I were buying a new 700 I
would immediately order another trigger.

Don't know if the fault is the trigger or people incorrectly adjusting them. The
truth probably lies somewhere between the two.

The 6 gun was once as common as the cellphone is today, and just as annoying when it went off in the theater.
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Old Ranger
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Posted: December 05 2016 at 8:33am | IP Logged Quote Old Ranger

Remington's honchos were made aware of their trigger/safety issue years ago by an engineering staff member. His modifications would have cost under $2 per unit to make their rifles safe. The honchos chose not to remedy the issues and decided the possible law suits would cost less in the long run over profits from sales. Remington is well aware of the problems yet their "corrective measures" consist of dobbing epoxy on the mechanism's non moving parts.

In my old PD we had a dozen M700's in .308 assigned to the snipers in the Tac unit. My chief, being aware of trigger/safety issues, ordered me to replace all trigger assemblies with aftermarket units. There were zero incidents with the firing mechanism replaced. And thus unlike Remington we never got sued for a rifle going off prematurely. 'Nuff said...

"I never used a stuntman for anything in my life."

The Old Ranger
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Posted: December 05 2016 at 10:49am | IP Logged Quote RT58

Every 700 I've seen with an unaltered factory trigger never had a problem. Every 700 I've seen with an altered factory trigger has had accidental discharges. Regardless of who did the alteration or how it was done.

I currently own four, two have Rifle Basix triggers, one has a McMillian and one has a factory trigger because I can't afford another Rifle Basix right now.
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Paul B.
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Posted: December 05 2016 at 4:53pm | IP Logged Quote Paul B.

From what I have been told by a source close to Remington, the cost
to make the trigger safe was five cents. The bean counters voted
against the increase in cost.
I have been involved with two Remington trigger problems. One was in
a Model 660 that I owned and it was easy to make it malfunction.
Remington at the time had a repair set up with one of the major gun
shops here in Tucson and they repaired the rifle. Earlier on while I was
still living in Nevada, a neighbor brought a Remington ADL in .270 over
and asked me to check it out. Seems his brother had an AD that ended
up shooting his wife in both knees crippling her for life. He claims the
gun went off when he released the safety. I had the rifle for two weeks
trying every way possible to make it malfunction. My conclusion was
he had his finger on the trigger while easing the safety. I told my
neighbor that was the only way I could make the fun fire when
releasing the safety. Not an AD in my opinion but an ND.
I have three Remington M700s and none of them have ever had a
problem firing when taking he gun off safety nor when opening or
closing the bolt. All three had have the triggers adjusted by a
competent gunsmith who builds most of his custom rifles on Remigton
Paul B.
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Joined: March 01 2010
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Posted: December 18 2016 at 6:25pm | IP Logged Quote hoghunter

I have several old Rem 700's and Model 7's, all old
vintage before the new X Pro triggers.

All the triggers are excellent and easily adjustable and
I've experience no problems with any of them but like I
said they are all the older version triggers.

A few fellow shooters I know have current vintage 700's
with the X Pro triggers. They are junk in my opinion.
Forturnately they can be easily replaced with a Timmey.
Also recent 700's I've seen have faulty extractors making
it difficult or impossible to chamber a round. Also I've
seen two with significant burrs in the chamber.

It's a shame since Remington 700's were some of the
finest rifles ever made in the old days. Now I wouldn't
buy one.
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Joined: June 12 2004
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Posted: December 18 2016 at 7:28pm | IP Logged Quote M700

What am I carrying now, seeking late-season elk? Rem 700 CDL in .30-06 of course.

Same rifle and load that took three other big game animals this year: bear, pronghorn and mule deer:

And we can go back years and years... Most of my hunting and game-taking has been with a Rem 700 of one kind or another.

Then there's the Rem 700 I used on SWAT for 12 years, as well as using it for competition, winning several matches... And for hunting, taking game. You know how many rounds it takes to "wear out" a .308 Win barrel? Around 5,000. And I'm on, I think, my 5th .308 Win barrel now.

So, 20,000+ rounds fired from various Rem 700's from 1974 to the present, all with factory triggers that have been adjusted... And ZERO malfunctions.

Now, that doesn't mean that it doesn't happen... In fact, I think I saw it at a SWAT sniper school, but... Had that trigger been improperly adjusted? I don't know...

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