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Posted: December 02 2017 at 1:22am | IP Logged Quote CDE

What's everybody's favorite powder for the
Bob. I've been using H4350 for 117-120 gr
bullets with good success, but finding H4350
has been more miss then hit. Just curious if
there are powders people have had good luck
with. My rifle by the way is a Ruger M77
ultralight so +p loads don't bother me. Thank
you for any input.

I've never shot a gun I didn't like.
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Posted: December 02 2017 at 6:46am | IP Logged Quote joed

I don't own that cartridge but I have replaced IMR4350 in my .25-06
with RL19.   I've found it gives better accuracy and velocity.

The 6 gun was once as common as the cellphone is today, and just as annoying when it went off in the theater.
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Ham Gunner
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Posted: December 02 2017 at 10:15am | IP Logged Quote Ham Gunner

I think Florida Mike, (Buffalogun) shoots either a .257 ROB or the Improved Rob. If he checks in, I would bet he could share some good info with you.

I shoot that case necked up to .26 cal. It is a 6.5 x .257 Roberts chambered in a 19" M38 Arisaka Japanese carbine. It has a nice jeweled and turned down bolt and a Bishop stock. Makes a really nice woods hunting carbine with a 2 1/2 power El Paso Weaver mounted on it. I use Hornady .268 dia. Carcano round nose with great success as it's bore is a bit loose with normal .264 bullets.

Although that weight bullet is a bit more than you will likely push in the .25 cal. bore and the my bore a bit larger, the little carbine loves either IMR 4320 or RL-15 speed powders so I would think that the .25 cal. bore would love powders that are no faster than that speed for the lighter weight bullets and most likely a bit slower burning for the heavier bullets.

If I had a .257 Rob. I think I would first give Varget a try for sure and perhaps move on up to and include the fairly new RL-17 as well. My Lyman manual shows that their best accuracy for a 117gr. in the .257 Rob was with Varget.

Of course, even slower powders will give a bit more velocity although you might have to use a compressed load with some.

Out of Handloader magazine for +P loads: On the site from where I got the below info, one has to subscribe in order to get the actual load weights, but one can certainly pick out a likely powder and work your load up as would be proper anyway.

Warning! Notes: All groups are three shots fired at 100 yards. Nosler cases were used throughout. (Handloader Issue #296 - June, 2015)
Be Alert: Publisher cannot be responsible for errors in published load data.

Wt.      Bullet  &nb sp;   Powder   Manufacturer&nb sp;     Powder   ;     Charge     ;   Velocity (FPS)
117      Hornady  &n bsp;SST      IMR  &n &nbs p; bsp;     IMR-4350 &nbs p;    &nbs p;&nbs p;Subscribe      2797
Remarks: best group this bullet; primer: WLR; overall loaded length (inches): 3.171

117      Hornady SST      Hodgdon  &n bsp;   Superformance    & nbsp; Subscribe      2884
Remarks: sub-1-inch group; primer: WLR; overall loaded length (inches): 3.171

117      Hornady SST      Alliant  &n bsp;   RL-19     &nb sp;Subscribe      2935
Remarks: sub-1-inch group; primer: WLR; overall loaded length (inches): 3.171

117      Hornady SST      Norma  &nbs p;   URP      S ubscribe      2966
Remarks: sub-1-inch group; primer: CCI 250; overall loaded length (inches): 3.171

117      Sierra softpoint      Accurate & nbsp;    AAC-4350     ;  Subscribe      2864
Remarks: primer: F-210; overall loaded length (inches): 3.054

117      Sierra softpoint      Alliant &n bsp;    RL-22    &nb sp; Subscribe      2723
Remarks: sub-1-inch group; primer: F-210; overall loaded length (inches): 3.054

The Nosler data showed that IMR 4350 was their favorite for their heavier weight bullets.

Nosler Data

Edited by Ham Gunner on December 02 2017 at 11:31am

73 de n0ubx Rick - NRA BENEFACTOR LIFE MEMBER/VFW LIFE MEMBER - A government big enough to GIVE you
everything you want, is strong enough to TAKE everything you have. - Thomas Jefferson

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Joined: April 27 2005
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Posted: December 02 2017 at 1:21pm | IP Logged Quote Buffalogun


My Bob is the AI version. Some of the same powders I use will be usable for the regular version, too. You just have use a little less.

I have used RL22, RL19, VVN160, IMR4831 and all three 4350's. Powder charge weights have varied between 45 gr. and 52 gr. While slower than RL19 or the 4831's, RL22 does give good velocities in the Bob.

My barrel is a 26" Encore full bull barrel from the old TC Custom shop and accuracy had been stellar. The fact that this barrel runs .995" in diameter from stem to stern(no taper) doesn't hurt accuracy, at all. But, it is heavy.

Highest velocity has come with the 100 gr. Barnes TSX at 3,370 fps. However, most speeds fall around 3,000 fps. and I haven't really tried to strain the barrel. I have used bullets no lighter than 100 gr.

I think the Bob and its AI brother could be among the best cartridges for deer, along with some of the 6.5's.


"Please Mr. Custer.......I don't want to go" Larry Verne
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Posted: December 02 2017 at 9:54pm | IP Logged Quote safari100

Played with Varget for a bit but my rifles both 257 Bob and 25-05 like H4831SC

As long as there is lead in the air there is hope>
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Paul B.
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Joined: March 12 2002
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Posted: December 03 2017 at 2:20pm | IP Logged Quote Paul B.

Guess this could be a tale of two rifle, a Ruger #1 B and a Winchester
M70 Featherweight, both chambered to the .257 Bob.

The Ruger came first with a nice scope and 100 rounds of Norma
factory 100 gr. ammo. I didn't even know Norma loaded the Bob. Guy
said the rifle was sighted in 3" at 100 with the Norma ammo so I took it
to the range. Put 5 shots into a half inch and called it good. I've never
run a reload through that rifle yet, sad to say but I'll be doing a lot more
work with several rifles after my late December elk hunt.

My son-in law bought an M70 FWT in .257 Bob and asked me to work
up a load for his rifle using H4350 and the 100 gr. Barnes TSX bullet.
Worked up to the max load in the Barnes #4 manual and 3/4" groups
on average. I decided if one of these came my way I'd buy it. About a
year lated I found one at a gun show, new in box unfired. I tried
working up to the SIL's load with the TSX and no go. It also hates the
120 gr. Speer Hot Core and Grand Slams. That's one of the ones I'll be
playing with after the first of the year.

I found it strange that so far that M70 has been a rather poor shooter
considering the excellent results I got from the SIL's gun. I have an
M70 FWT in 7x57 that has been an excellent rifle regarding accuracy
so that Bob has left me just a bit confused. Oh well. I'll either get it
sorted out so send it down the road. It'll make so great trading
Paul B.
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