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Old Ranger
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Posted: December 24 2017 at 1:34pm | IP Logged Quote Old Ranger

Serious question for our crew here.
Here's the thing. Got an old amigo that I
trained as an Explorer in my police dept.
Sponsored him and trained further in the
police academy. Watched him graduate and
go to work at a smaller PD in a
neighboring county. Extremely intelligent
with a "rapier wit" as they say. Skilled
investigator and equally gifted in
"reading" people and situations, seldom
ever caught off guard. Crack shot with
anything you hand him. Only one thing
seperates him from us. He was born with
his left arm stopping at the elbow.

Being retired from the streets now, he
applies his talents in overseeing the
entire communications network in his
county. And now that the pace has eased,
he's visited a few times, leaving with
more ammo than he arrived with.
Demonstrated reloading with single stage
press and with the 310 (mostly as a
historic view) on his last visit. He now
has a desire to load his own. Now I'm
beating my head against the wall trying to
think of the proper rig that he could use.

His dexterity is nothing short of
remarkable. He has adapted himself to
function almost without a hitch in a two
handed world. There's not much that he
can't do. However, I'm not sure what type
press to recommend. Holding cases and
dropping powder has me worried. Priming is
another thing. Guys, I know ancient stuff.
And space is a concern, and as like most
men, his wife dictates what enters the
house. So he needs small press presence so
to speak.

Calibers he will load:


As far as pressing a priming ram forward
with his reduced left arm is not an issue.
But much of the intricate things we do on
a press without thinking with two hands
quickly becomes a genuine challenge with
one. I attempted to replicate the
situation. I tried to load with just my
right hand and my left elbow alone. It was
something akin to trying to run on your
heels alone never setting down on a flat
foot. Slow, tedious, awkward, and
frustrating. My success was so limited it
was nearer to failure.

Operating the press can be done with his
left, thus freeing the complete right hand
for case handling and such but there's so
much to do that's accomplished with two
A Lee 4 hole self-indexing press? It drops
premeasured powder yes? Primers too? I
don't know. Says he doesn't want a big
monster like a Dillon or others like it.
Small footprint and ease of operations.
That's our goal.

So y'all got the background of my buddy,
his limitations and strengths, and his
requirements. Now have fun with the
holidays and I'll look for suggestions
when they appear. Thanks guy!

"I never used a stuntman for anything in my life."

The Old Ranger
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Posted: December 24 2017 at 2:44pm | IP Logged Quote Rex

Wade, I haven't tried it but I believe I could load pistol ammo one handed on my Dillon 550. Only issue might be keeping a rifle bullet in place on the case while pulling the handle. Pistol cases belled slightly usually balance the bullet if you are careful. For me it
is a pain in the rear to switch the powder drop once it is set for a caliber.
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Posted: December 25 2017 at 12:14am | IP Logged Quote M700

That's a bit of a puzzle. You're right - I have thought through my reloading steps and a lot of them require two hands...

Interesting problem though.

You're doing a good thing.

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Joined: April 27 2005
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Posted: December 25 2017 at 6:44am | IP Logged Quote Buffalogun

The C-press will allow easy access for left or right hand. And, the primer is self feeding, so all you need do is load a case and push the handle.

And, the "RCBS Chargemaster" will weigh powder charges automatically and can be operated with one hand.


Edited by Buffalogun on December 25 2017 at 6:46am

"Please Mr. Custer.......I don't want to go" Larry Verne
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Old Ranger
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Joined: April 11 2010
Location: East Texas
Posts: 3665
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Posted: December 25 2017 at 7:00am | IP Logged Quote Old Ranger

This fella is super smart and talented.
For his patrol shotgun I built him a cut down version of
a model 870 [legal length of course] with a pistol grip
and a combination sling and fitted cuff on the slide. He
could hold the weapon on target and move the shotgun via
the pistol grip to cycle it. When the need to "loose the
cannon" came about, he simply safetied the weapon and
rotated it behind him thus freeing himself to handle the
situation. The modification was my design and build but
came from his suggestion with the cuff.

Perhaps I can fashion a similar cuff that attaches to the
ram handle. Gotta think on that one. He's obviously
wanting to keep the cost down and utilize the least
amount of equipment and conserve space. There's where I
immediately thought "Lee" since they build low cost gear.
Drunk Neighbor got a 4 hole press with a spiral rod
device that auto-indexes. Got the whole thing as a kit.
Just saw it as he was unpacking it but it's got powder
thru expansion die that a powder measure fits to. Maybe a
rig like that? Gotta check it out more. I don't know much
about the Lee rigs at all. Just old Lyman or RCBS stuff
from 50 years or more in the past. Ok, I'm off to look at
the Lee site for information.


Mike, your post was going as I was typing this one in
thus we crossed paths so to speak. Yeppers, I think Lee
has some stuff that we can use. Space saving and cost
saving is a concern naturally. I'll get on it....

Edited by Old Ranger on December 25 2017 at 7:10am

"I never used a stuntman for anything in my life."

The Old Ranger
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Posted: December 29 2017 at 8:39pm | IP Logged Quote LAH

A "C" press like's been said would work or like Rex said a
550 Dillon. The only problem I see is setting the bullet
in the case mouth straight. By him being without a left
hand for so long I'm sure he is capable of great precision
with his right hand.

Joshua 1:9
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