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Posted: July 17 2018 at 12:44pm | IP Logged Quote Buffalogun

I've tried Hornady's SST bullets in several calibers and bullet weights and have never gotten them to shoot as well as their Interlock Spire Point cousins. They have given acceptable hunting accuracy, but on average they've never grouped as well as the SP's.

Nosler Ballistic Tips have given me some very small groups and usually don't disappoint.

Today, I had the Savage/ERShaw .260 Rem back on the range and you can see the slight difference in groups sizes in the target pic.

Currently I am one hill short of a mountain that I can use as a backstop. However, I recently had part of the timber on my property cut and the logging operation left me some very nice piles of log butts and unwanted tops.

Aside from having a good supply of firewood, the log butts provide for an acceptable backstop even if it is at short range.


"Please Mr. Custer.......I don't want to go" Larry Verne
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Posted: July 17 2018 at 5:02pm | IP Logged Quote M700

35 yards?

Interesting. I've actually never used the SST's, though several of my friends/hunting buddies have. They've gotten decent accuracy out of them at 200 & 300 yards and use them for mule deer hunting.

Agree about the Nosler Ballistic Tips. Those things are usually very accurate! Just as accurate as HPBT match bullets in my experience.

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Posted: July 17 2018 at 5:04pm | IP Logged Quote Rex

I've used the SST 6.5 140 grain bullet and wasn't impressed with the expansion. I wouldn't pay the extra money for them again.
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Posted: July 18 2018 at 9:49am | IP Logged Quote LAH

Mike I have a pile of those on my place.

Joshua 1:9
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Posted: July 18 2018 at 6:12pm | IP Logged Quote hoghunter

I've used the 125 SST's in my 308 for a reduced / low recoil load for a deep woods predator / deer hunting. Groups ok (about 1 moa) but the Nosler 125 BT's groups much better but are a lot more expensive.

Don't have a lot of hunting experience with this SST bullet. The one coyote I shot with it was DOA.

I never had much luck with Hornady rifle bullets. A few exceptions - the 60 VMax shoots under 1/2 moa in my Tikka T3 8" twist with H4895.

The 55 Vmax performed very well in my various 223 bolt rifles with 12" twist.
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Posted: July 18 2018 at 8:37pm | IP Logged Quote Old Ranger

Similar results here as well Mike. Standard spire points
far better than SST in my .30'06 when I had it. A marked
difference as range increased.

"I am not politically correct. I don't apologise for being American. I stand by my country and have no use for anyone who does not."

The Old Ranger
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Posted: July 19 2018 at 12:45am | IP Logged Quote turbo1889

Besides the accuracy issues with SSTs they
also have a bad habit of acting like mini
grenades on impact especially if they hit
a rib on the way into the boiler room. If
it's not something your going to eat then
that is just fine, even desireable. But
for stuff you intend to eat you end up
wasting a lot of rib/shoulder meat because
it's a mangled bloodshot mess full of
little metal slivers. Give me a good old
Remington bonded core soft point any day
for stuff I intend to eat. Mushroom out
nicely without exploding and fragmenting.
Just cut a small circle out around the
entrance side of the chest cavity and a
larger circle around the exit side and the
rest is all good eating meat.

You want to see a real mess of wasted
meat, helped process out a whitetail doe
that had been shot in the rear end while
running away by a first time hunter with
the Hornady 12ga. Sabot slug which has a
50-cal. SST as the slug inside the sabot.
Wrecked the whole top 3/4 of one rear hock
and about a 1/4 of the other hock and made
a horrific mess of the animals entrails
that made me puke twice when gutting the
animal. Needless to say me and the young
hunter had a little discussion about shot
placement first and ammo selection second
both along the lines of "Don't do that if
you want me to continue taking you

Always like to bring young people into the
hunting and 2nd-Amendment lifestyle but
still there are limits to my patience. I
warned her before we even went out that
her ammo choice was known to give flyers
and would result in meat damage and
offered her some alternatives from my own
stash of slug loads but she had to find
out for herself the hard way and to top it
off made a bad shot placement to boot.
Shooting over the top of a deers rump
while it running away and scoring a good
hit in the back of the neck or head
without touching the hind quarters meat is
an experts technique especially with a
shotgun slug. She just got deer fever and
blasted, I don't think she was even
thinking to wait until the right moment in
a whitetail bounce to make a good shot
over the the rump.

Credit to her though that she did learn
(even if the hard way) and switched to a
different sabot load and the last few
times has had the sense to wait for a good

Edited by turbo1889 on July 19 2018 at 1:01am

What part of, "the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be INFRINGED" don't you understand ?!?!?

To the most serious charge of "ARMING WOMEN" I plead guilty on multiple counts.
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Tom W.
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Joined: December 08 2017
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Posted: July 19 2018 at 5:49pm | IP Logged Quote Tom W.

I've found that for me the Ballistic Silvertips and Sierra
GameKings work best.

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